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Hands-Free Law

Phone down. It’s the law. Using hand-held devices while driving is illegal.

Hands-Free Law

As of June 15, 2023, it’s illegal to hold a cell phone or any other electronic device while driving in Alabama. And you can get pulled over. A first offense fine is $50 and a point on your license, a second offense fine is $100 and two points on your license, and a third offense fine is $150 and three points on your license. And more than three offenses can mean the suspension of your driver license.

A driver can make or receive calls via hands-free devices, including:

  • Speakerphone
  • Earpiece
  • Wireless headset
  • Connecting phone to vehicle

In most cases, anything more than a single touch or swipe is against the law.

In the last five years, no behavior on Alabama’s roadways has become more alarming than distracted driving. Distracted driving can be anything that diverts the driver’s attention from the task of driving. Cell phone related crashes are one of the fastest growing causes of traffic crashes in Alabama and continue to increase each year. We know these intentional acts are under-reported in traffic crashes, contributing to even more crashes than the data suggests.

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Put your phone on Do Not Disturb or “driving mode” when you get in your vehicle.

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