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Alabama has a goal Toward Zero Deaths over a 25–year period.

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Work Zone Safety

Work Zone Safety Saves Lives!

Work Zone Safety

Drivers need to be particularly alert when traveling through highway work zones.

Work zone crashes are dangerous to both highway workers and motorists. Most work zone crashes are rear-end collisions, resulting from speeding or inattentive driving.

All moving violation fines double in work zones when workers are present.

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Know Your Signs

Travelers should be prepared to reduce speeds and drive alert when passing through construction zones. Understanding the signs in construction zones is essential to a safe trip.

Work Zone Street Sign Showing a Warning Graphic for Lane Merge Ahead

This sign above indicates a lane merge ahead. Leave time to merge safely and be courteous by letting other drivers merge.

Work Zone Street Sign Showing a Warning Graphic for Lane Shift Ahead

This sign above indicates a lane shift. Reduce speeds and be prepared to steer through curves and for narrower travel lanes through the area.

Work Zone Street Sign Showing a Warning Graphic for Flag Person Ahead

This sign above means a flag person ahead will be stopping or slowing traffic. Be prepared to stop!

Always keep in mind that construction zones can be busy places, with people and equipment on the move. Work is routinely performed very close to passing traffic. Drifting from the lane, even for a split second, could be dangerous.

  • As soon as you see lights, vests or reflectors, check traffic around you, SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER if safe to do so.
  • Drivers MUST use due care when approaching an emergency vehicle or hazard vehicle including police vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, construction and maintenance vehicles and tow trucks.
  • The Move Over Law applies to both sides of the roadway, not just the shoulder on the right.

Follow the posted speed limits in work zones and remember that fines for all moving violations are doubled in work zones when workers are present.

What you can do!

Slow Down and always follow work zone speed limits. Speeding is one of the major causes of work zone crashes.

Pay Attention. Workers and heavy equipment may only be a few feet from passing vehicles.

Be Patient. Delays from highway construction can be frustrating, but it only takes a few extra minutes to slow down for a work zone.

Plan Ahead. Leave a few minutes early when traveling through a work zone in order to reach your destination on time.