Drive Safe Alabama


Slow down. Speeding can turn a minor mishap into a fatal incident.


Speed may not always, in itself, be the primary cause of traffic crashes, but it all too often is the factor that turns a minor mishap into a fatal incident.

Alabama’s basic speed law provides that you must never drive a vehicle at a speed that is faster than reasonable under existing conditions. Consider road, weather and vehicle conditions, as well as your own physical condition. What might be a reasonable speed at one time may not be reasonable at another time because of conditions.

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What you can do!

Obey the speed limit, but also consider existing conditions and what may be a reasonable speed at the moment.

Don't go too slow. Minimum speed limits are established on some roadways, and many incidents are caused by drivers who block or hinder other traffic by driving at speeds that are too slow.

Be prepared to stop when you approach or cross a street, highway or railroad crossing, and also when approaching flags, flares or fuses on roads. Slower speeds are necessary in all of these conditions.