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New Signal to Help Make Alabama Intersections Safer

A new traffic signal will soon help motorists in Alabama better navigate busy intersections.

The flashing yellow arrow will be part of a four-arrow signal used where left turns are permitted after yielding to oncoming traffic. Drivers in affected intersections will see a solid green arrow, followed by a solid yellow arrow, then a solid red arrow to allow traffic to clear. The flashing yellow light will then signify left turns are permitted after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

Flashing yellow arrow signals are being installed at select intersections in Baldwin County. The signals will appear on US-98 from the US-31 intersection in Daphne to the CR-11 intersection in Barnwell. A flashing yellow arrow signal is already in use at US-280 and Overton Road in Birmingham. Signals will be added to additional intersections across Alabama in the coming months.

The flashing yellow arrow signals are being installed as part of recently-adopted Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices guidelines. The decision to adopt the flashing yellow arrows on a national level came after the National Cooperative Highway Research Program, in cooperation with Federal Highway Administration, launched a large-scale study of left turn controls used across the United States. The study found the flashing yellow arrow was safer, more effective and easier for drivers to understand than the standard green light which most Alabamians currently see when making unprotected left turns.

Watch a video of the signal sequence and learn more here.